Fresno Long-term Care Medical Group offering provides home-based primary care to COVID-19 patients.


General Services

  • Geriatric Services including dementia and fall assessment.
  • New admission or Annual History Physical.
  • Form 602/ TB Test Physician Report.
  • Adult Immunizations and Flu Vaccinations.
  • Primary Care Management including managing Dementia, Dementia related behaviors, Falls follow up, follow up on hospital discharge.
  • Chronic Care Management (such as Diabetes,Pain, Blood Pressure, Arthritis and Constipation, Stroke)
  • Refill Medications
  • Coordinate care with facility and other specialist and other health care services (Example: Home Health,Hospice, Physical Therapy,Occupational, Speech Therapy, Social worker, Psychologist and Psychiatrist)
  • Coordinate with Lab and X-ray companies to provide service in facility and at bed site.
  • Preventive Health care and routine follow up.
  • Tele Health Visit if allowed by Insurance.

Special Services

  • We offer Wellness Center in the facility.
  • Medical Director services if required by the facility, Consulting and Speaking.
  • RN Case Management services can be arranged

Basic Concierge Model

Only for uncovered services by the insurance based on a written pre-agreement. A billable service to insurance cannot be charged by concierge Model. if our contract with your insurance causes any conflict for concierge model, we will not offer concierge model in that case.

Assisted Living

We can see any patient in Assisted Living or a Nursing Home.

House calls for Senior apartment, Private Homes

Anybody who is homebound because of any physical,mental, visual or any other reason be long as they are home-bound. Responsible Party of patient can request the House call and they are covered by most of Insurances..

Luxury House calls

If you do not want to leave your home and want to be seen. We will see you and become your Primary care doctor. However, Insurance does not pay for those visits and you must pay for that visit.

Primary Care Doctor

We can become your primary care doctor if you are permanent home-bound because of any medical, physical or mental limitation in a senior apartment or Private Home or we can do a temporary House call if you are recovering from a stroke or surgery or your care giver is not available.


We will like to verify Insurance first to make sure we take your insurance. We also want to make sure we can deliver services at that location based on our workforce limitations and want to make sure that facility administration does not have any special requirement.

We can see patient within 24-72 hrs of the request after all the information is received or try to help you to coordinate with other long-term care doctors in the area.